The Martial Arts program at Infinite Martial Fitness will provide your child with plenty of exercises through:
✓ Anti-bullying scenarios
✓ Self-defense techniques practice
✓ Training on the ground, standing up, and against walls
✓ Mental, physical, and social stimulation
Not only that, but they will also learn the art of self-defense! Your child will discover how to:
✓ Use simple, but little-known techniques, to defend themselves against attacks
✓ Neutralize a stronger opponent who attacks or grabs them unexpectedly
✓ Turn defense into total control if a stronger opponent gets too close
✓ Use a taller person’s height against them
✓ Recognize, in an instant, what strategy will work against an opponent or bully
By enrolling your child in Martial Arts classes at Infinity Martial Arts, your child will acquire…
✓ Incredible fighting and self-defense skills
✓ Textbook-perfect, proper martial arts form
✓ The knowledge to recognize when to use aggression and when to show respect

Martial Arts Training Improves Academic Performance

There are many scientific and social reasons that there is a strong connection between exercise and academic performance. Martial arts is one of the best forms of exercise for kids that not only directs energy into a focused goal but also demands a considerable amount of discipline that overflows into other aspects in life, including sitting still and paying attention in class and while doing homework. Scientifically speaking, exercise improves blood flow to the brain, fueling it with oxygen and optimizing its performance. Exercise increases levels of endorphins and martial arts improves confidence, both of which reduce stress and anxiety and provides clarity. Exercise helps to create new nerve cells and the focus and concentration required in martial arts training increase neurological connections which helps aid learning and memory recall. It should seem like a no-brainer, then, that if you wish to see academic performance increases in your children, consider enrolling them in a martial arts training program!

Martial Arts Training Improves Logical Processing Abilities

Research has proven that children who train in martial arts are more alert and focused in all aspects of life. The longer a person trains in martial arts, the more enhanced their cognitive abilities become. So, it stands to reason that those who begin martial arts training in their youth are better equipped at cognition over a lifetime. Cognitive function that is improved with the focus, discipline, agility, and reactions required by martial arts training include:

  • improved memory,
  • focus,
  • information processing speed,
  • decision making, and
  • logical reasoning.

How does martial arts training help improve cognition?

  • forces on-the-spot thinking to solve complex problems by executing complex movements
  • improves confidence in decision-making execution
  • improves blood flow to the brain
  • improves sleep quality, which helps support brain power
  • channels stress to provide mental clarity

As you can assume, beginning martial arts training in childhood offers mental clarity and cognitive enhancement over a lifetime. Enroll your kids in a youth martial arts program today!

Children Develop Leadership Skills and Drive From Martial Arts

It has long been an accepted truth that those who train in martial arts have improved leadership skills and work ethic than their peers. Sports that focus on personal responsibility, discipline, and consistent practice teach participants life skills that can be incorporated into other facets of life, including confidence, discipline, responsibility, self-awareness, strength, and improved cognition. Bundled together, all of these traits make the perfect recipe for a strong leader. Martial arts, specifically, focuses on personal responsibility and the endless quest for growth and improvement, while helping those beneath you to also grow and improve. Earning the next belt level requires much more than simply memorizing and perfectly executing moves. It requires discipline and self-awareness. Martial arts belts require a certain attitude and temperament to achieve. Discipline and respect of authority are enforced early on in training and builds strong leaders over time. For future success, enroll your children in youth martial arts programs at Infinity Martial Arts.