More Confident

“When I first met Nick I had the self-confidence of a week old kitten and the grappling skills to match, yet for reasons I still don’t fully understand he made me a pet project of his when he was teaching under professor Allen Hopkins at Gracie jiu-jitsu of MS. I feel fully qualified to say this about Nick: his jiu-jitsu skills are as technical as they are dominant. Training under him as frequently as I have over the past years has, in turn, allowed me to develop a set of skills unique to my body type and level of athleticism; I believe you will have a similar experience. If you train under him even for a short time make no mistake about it you will have a legitimate set of self-defense skills. You will also find a belief in yourself that wasn’t there before, through this gift of jiu-jitsu and a teacher like Nick you find yourself walking a little taller, speaking a little more assuredly and generally finding your world a cooler place to live in. Keep fighting the good fight.”

- Sam Wolverton