Gracie Jiu-Jitsu the original martial arts/ self-defense version of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, incorporates martial arts Muay Thai, k. karate, s. karate,  kickboxing, boxing, MMA, gym and all effective techniques from martial arts around the globe into one fully functional self-defense system.  We will teach you exactly when and where all techniques are effectively used and when they should not be used.  We are committed to, you and your family, ensuring all students are ready to handle any situation in life. Our Philosophy helps you and your children to become positive leaders in our community “The Upper Valley” and globally. We help you and your children to develop physical, mental, and social skills in all areas of life. This will aid them in resolving situations through-out their entire lives.

Looking for an uplifting and encouraging Fitness Development environment? At Gracie Jiu-Jitsu of Upper Valley, we’re excited to offer new fitness programs which are specifically catered to the individual while also offering meal-plans and specific work-out regiments to help you meet your goals and feel the physical and mental benefits of a healthier body!

Our goal is to maintain our strict and high-quality standards while providing a fun and exciting environment for you and your children to learn in!

Although we are located at 45 Hanover St in Lebanon, we do cater to students coming from Hanover, as well as White River, VT.