kickboxing classes at Infinity Martial FitnessWant to get in amazing shape, reduce stress, and learn to defend yourself?

If you do, Here’s your chance to join a program designed to get you into the best shape of your life while simultaneously transforming your body and fitness level to that of a legend!

You don’t have to wait for a new year, a birthday, or the summer to whip yourself into shape. Drop those unwanted pounds, flatten and tighten your midsection, define the shape of your arms and legs and boost your overall energy and fitness levels… right now!

Yes, you CAN get yourself into the best shape of your life simply by joining our revolutionary program. Join today and we promise that this will be your best year yet! Follow our lead, and this will be the LAST time you ever feel sluggish or out of shape.


Because at Infinity Martial Fitness, we’re offering you the absolute best way to get in shape and finally rid yourself of those extra pounds while reducing stress and learning.

In fact,

You’ll literally fight fat from this day forward…

We’re sure that when it comes to workout routines and programs, you’ve probably heard the phrase “fight fat” often. The reality is that there are only a few workouts in the world that actually fight fat – and Kickboxing is one of them!

Unlike most workouts, Kickboxing works out your entire body – all at the same time!

That’s right! Kickboxing doesn’t just tone one specific area. It works your:
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Core
  • Abs
  • Chest
  • Triceps

…and everything else in between.

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With every punch that you make while Kickboxing, your body is FORCED to work extra hard to fight AND burn fat during the workout – and the afterburn effects are insane…

You see, there’s a big difference between Kickboxing and the workouts most people do. Most workouts consist of a little jogging, lifting a few weights here and there, and some stretching exercises.

Sure you initially see results, but after a while, the results come to a screeching halt. And then, the dreaded plateau effect sets in, which means:

  • Less fat is being burned There’s no reduction in inches around your midsection
  • There are absolutely NO visible effects
  • You get frustrated
  • You get even MORE frustrated

kickboxing trainingBefore long, you’re just going through the motions – and the next thing you know, you fall right back into the same old bad habits. It’s a continuous cycle of losing weight, getting somewhat fit, giving up, and ending up worse off than you were before you even started working out.

The good news is that our kickboxing classes constantly work your body and the workouts are ALWAYS changing. Your body never has an opportunity to adapt to the workout, which means you never have to worry about hitting a plateau!

You’ll slash your body fat, move quicker, and have energy like you’ve never had before…

All we ask is that you follow the program and give it everything you’ve got. If you do, the fat and the pounds will fall off, guaranteed!

  • Have the six- or eight-pack you’ve always wanted
  • Look slim, trim, and absolutely fit
  • Eliminate stress from the daily grind
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn to defend yourself

Think this is nothing more than a bunch of hype like all the other programs that promise you life-changing results virtually overnight? We’re here to tell you that you’re DEAD WRONG. If you put in the time and effort, the Infinity Martial Fitness Kickboxing Program can – and will – deliver results!

But please don’t just take our word for it.

Just look at what others have to say about the effectiveness of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu of the Upper Valley Kickboxing Program…

“Before I started this Kickboxing I had back issues and knee issues that were the excuses I was using for not getting fit and not getting healthy. The interesting part is that getting fit and getting healthy is making me overcome these issues that I have. I’m on my 5th week, I have lost 15lbs! I am feeling energized and healthy. I can’t wait to see what my week 10 is going to be!”

“I have a lot more energy than I use to. It’s made a big difference in my life. I’m proud of myself now. I was never really motivated to go to the gym. I had some friends who were in the Kickboxing class they said I should try it out so I did, and I found something that I really like to do”

“I just finished the 10 week course. I dropped 15lbs. and 6% body fat. I couldn’t do 1 pushup, now I can do 36! I doubled my situps in a minute and cut 4 minutes from my run. I’m feeling better than ever. I’m seeing muscles I’ve never seen before in my body.”

“I never leave feeling like i didn’t get a good workout. Instructors are excellent they push us but never to the point that we can’t take it. I have more energy now then I’ve had in a long time. My son has been in the (martial arts) program for a couple of years now he’s a blue belt and loves it.”

kickboxing and martial arts near meNow we know that the testimonials you just read sound great, but we want you to know that YOU too can experience these types of results IF you say yes to our Fitness program. The best part about it is that you have absolutely NOTHING to lose except those unwanted pounds that are desperately clinging to your body…

That’s right! We’re so sure that the Infinity Martial Arts Kickboxing program will provide you with the results that you’re looking for that we’re going to remove ALL of the risks for you – and place it solely on ourselves by protecting you for the entire 10 weeks of our program.

Now is the time to look and feel better than you’ve ever felt before!

  • Melt fat away
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Work all areas of your body at the same time
  • Tone major body parts in no time flat
  • Look just as good as a professional boxer before a mega fight!
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