• Go beyond cake and ice cream to an ancient art that is a blast for kids, adults, and mutant turtles.
  • Tap into a child’s need to be active while teaching them how to be calm.
  • Thoroughly enjoy being the “cool parent” who gave your child a birthday party different from all of his or her friends.
  • Have fun while watching your child and his or her friends achieve feats of strength and agility within a short period of time.
  • Our generation’s birthday parties were low-key, and we thought they were tons of fun.

    • You have children, so you know that a child’s birthday party in 2018 makes our celebrations look like child’s play. And you know what? That’s exactly what our parties were. This new breed of children needs MORE.
    • A simple family party just doesn’t cut it anymore. Our world of instant and brightly colored visual stimulation on a touch screen that fits in a pocket has made our previous celebrations to out-of-date.
      If you’ve ever thrown a birthday party for a child, you probably already know that a kid’s party can be a bit overwhelming. They have THEMES. They have organized, kid-friendly ACTIVITIES. They have grass-fed, free-range chickens in a petting zoo with 15 other animals who were transported to your backyard with a seminar on saving the environment and clean eating. This level of partying cannot be sustained.
  • Our version of parties could never stand up to these bashes of Oprah-level proportions.

    • As a parent, I know that I played a role in setting the expectation of out-of-this-world parties, and a stroll through most parenting blogs or Pinterest will give you plenty of reason to believe other parents are doing it too– in a BIG way.
    • It’s time to nix the petting zoo, roll up the magic carpet, and remind yourself to LET IT GO when you think of importing snow to create a winter wonderland.
    • We LOVE our children, and we want to give them the happiest of birthdays. Achieving this seemingly Herculean task may be way easier than you think. Read on to see how you can “kick” it up a notch without going crazy.
  • A martial arts birthday party is the most diverse kind of party to have, and children simply love it.

    • Bounce houses can get old, and some children are terrified of them. Unless you have a pool or a raucous game of tag, it’s hard to get children active at a birthday party when they’re on total cake overload.
    • Martial arts, on the other hand, offers established activities that kids will want to try. In a controlled environment, they’re allowed to show off their strength and pick up a few new tips.
  • Give your child an amazing birthday party by throwing a martial arts themed super bash.

    • Maybe you’re wondering how martial arts could be that big of a hit with children. Why would they like that more than an intergalactic petting zoo?
    • Martial arts parties remove the guesswork and give real, beneficial activities for children while they celebrate. They will be entertained from start to finish and not even realize that they’re exercising.
    • Unlike testing out games that Mr. Google told you are the best for parties, we can provide a tried-and-true approach to getting children interested that has withstood, oh, THOUSANDS OF YEARS.

And did we mention that happy party guests (and a happy guest of honor) go home exhausted from having a blast? If this sounds as great to you as we think it does, then it’s time to take the opportunity to book the ultimate martial arts birthday party for your child!

At the party:


It doesn’t get easier than this. Your birthday party at our local fitness gym will provide you with an EASY, FUN, NO-STRESS birthday party experience.

  • Your party will be hosted in a large (2,700 sq. feet), clean, safe, air-conditioned studio equipped with a sound system and loaded with martial arts equipment.
  • Your party attendees will be entertained and supervised by your party host and party instructors.
  • We provide you with the ultimate action-packed party experience, including the instruction, lessons, games, and overall supervision—you supply the little stuff (paper products, cake, etc.)
  • The children will have a blast—while you sit back and relax.
  • And the birthday boy or girl always gets to cut the cake with a REAL sword! How cool is that?

More than all that, you’ll send a room full of happy, tired, and well-fed kids home after they learn to safely punch, kick, and grapple their way through a martial arts lesson. Their parents will be happy, and the kids will want to have a similarly awesome party for their next birthday!

If you’re still not totally convinced that your young one will absolutely love this martial arts fiesta, give us a call and let us further ease your mind!