Did you know that it’s possible to experience profound emotional and mental empowerment while getting physically stronger? Martial arts make this possible. While many people feel intimidated by martial arts training, all it takes is a single class at Infinite Martial Fitness for them to realize that martial arts are not just a blast; they can fulfill deep needs you may have for confidence, boldness, and empowerment. In short, martial arts don’t just have the potential to transform your body; they can transform your mind, too. Learn more about our martial arts training program and contact us to try out a class in Hanover today.

  1. Using Physical Activity as Effective Discipline and Training

    Recently, there has been a great debate as to whether or not the use of physical activity or exercise is an effective tool for behavior modification. Part of the training at Infinity Martial Arts is teaching kids the value of respect, discipline, and consequences. It is important to distinguish betw…Read More

  2. What to Look For In Your Dojo

    If you and your family are looking for a martial arts studio to pick up a new hobby or discipline or to use as your new fitness studio, there are a few things you are undoubtedly considering. Questions you may ask are how much is it, what classes do they offer, and can my whole family go? When you a…Read More

  3. 5 Things Martial Arts Teaches Kids to Promote Successful Adults

    In recent generations, the novel idea of encouraging children and evaluating each child on their own scale has somehow been translated into rewarding mediocrity and a lack of discipline at the sake of stunting growth or imagination. At Infinity Martial Arts, we definitely believe that there is some …Read More

  4. Why Martial Arts Birthday Parties Are The New Thing

    Whether you have one kid or you have six, you’ve undoubtedly spent most of your weekends picking up a gift and toting your children to other kid’s birthday parties. Birthday parties mean sugar and presents, and that you don’t have the responsibility of entertaining your kids for one afternoon.…Read More

  5. 4 Ways to Instill Confidence in Your Kids

    Confidence is an important trait to instill in children for many reasons. Confident children are more outgoing and therefore successful in more areas of life. Confident children tend to be outgoing and have a stronger support system and social network. Confident children have more drive and tend to …Read More

  6. Why Self-Defense Training For Kids Matters

    In life, you can never be sure what will happen or how other people will treat you. Learning the practice of self-defense helps give you a sense of power and safety in a cruel, chaotic world. However, physically being able to fight off a potential attacker is not the only reason self-defense trainin…Read More