Whether you have one kid or you have six, you’ve undoubtedly spent most of your weekends picking up a gift and toting your children to other kid’s birthday parties. Birthday parties mean sugar and presents, and that you don’t have the responsibility of entertaining your kids for one afternoon. You’ve likely done it all — trampoline parks, the city park, water parks, sleepovers, mini-circus, bbq, etc. Now it’s your turn. Don’t panic. We know that it takes a lot of energy and resources to throw your youngster a party that will impress even the smallest cynic.

At Infinity Martial Arts, we know two things, kids and martial arts. We also know that an active kid makes a tired kid and a tired kid is a gift to their parents. Combine the power of martial arts and fun and you’ve got yourself a birthday party the kids will love and their parents will thank you for! Join us in today’s post as we give you just a few of the top reasons why martial arts birthday parties are the new cool thing and when you book your kid’s birthday party at Infinity Martial Arts, you’ll automatically gain cool parent points.

Your goodie bag is a new skill.

Martial arts birthday parties allow every kid to get a gift that keeps on giving — the gift of learning a new skill! Sure, kids would have a decent time playing tag at the local park before scarfing down cake and ice cream and taking home a goodie bag full of treats and trinkets that will likely end up inside the vacuum. But, long after erasers have been chewed and bubbles have been blown, your kid and their friends can retain the skills they learn. Your guests’ parents will be happy their kids are not coming home with sugary treats but a tangible skill.

Active entertainment from beginning to end.

Take the guesswork out of party game ideas that may or may not keep the kids entertained. At martial arts birthday parties, your sensei comes armed with a plan that includes a mix of martial arts training and physically active free play. Your kids will be so entertained that they won’t even realize they are exercising. The best part? Your kids and their friends will go home completely exhausted. You’ll be the talk of the parent-party later when the other parents thank you for the quiet evening.

Mix up the classic for something exciting.

We aren’t saying there is something wrong with a classic backyard birthday party, but we are saying it’s expected. Go beyond the expected and give your kid a birthday party that all their friends and classmates will still be talking about on Monday at school! When you mix it up with an exciting martial arts birthday, the kids will be excited about something new and exciting. And, your kid gets to take all the credit for it!

Cake cutting with a sword.

To take your kid’s birthday party to the next level, we let your guest of honor cut their birthday cake with a real sword! Don’t worry, we supervise the whole thing and this isn’t our first time placing the sword into young hands! Your kid will be on top of the world, reliving the moment until their next birthday party.

If you are planning your kid’s birthday party in Lebanon, contact us to book your martial arts birthday party date. You provide the little stuff — cake, paper products, and the friends. We will provide the space, the games and fun, and the supervision. To book your date, visit us online