Muay Thai is a sport that is driven with passion, but a significant part of the drive that individuals participating in this sport have is the high of a win. A win is no small feat — it comes with months of training, injuries, and perseverance. So, when a loss occurs, how do you cope?

By no means is it something that you’re expected to get over within a matter of minutes or hours, for many it takes days. Giving yourself too long to cope, however, can lead to a decline in skills and strength. When a loss does occur, knowing how to deal and get back up is crucial. In today’s blog, we’re going to cover a few tips that we hope help make your next loss a little bit easier.

Congratulate Your Opponent

As tough as it may be, congratulating your opponent is always something that you should do. You recognize how tough the training to get to this fight was, and it wasn’t any easier for them. Recognizing the hard work that they have put in and telling them congratulations after a loss is the first step to moving on from this very moment. Something as small as a handshake, a high-five, or words alone are always welcome.

When you’re participating in a sport like Muay Thai, it’s not uncommon for you to know your competitor or to have competed with them prior. If that’s the case with this event, make sure you congratulate them because the relationships built in this sport are some of the strongest!

Talk About It

Though it may sound silly to talk about the loss of your fight, it can be extremely helpful. Talking about it with close family members and your coach can help you gather your feelings so that they don’t overwhelm you. These are the people that make up your support system and will continue to support you — so talk to them! They might have a different perspective on how the fight went.

Write Out What You Gained

Every competition, every fight, has a lesson tucked away in it. Whether you recognize it or not, taking some time to determine what you’ve gained from this event will help you change your attitude. Whether it’s something that you learned in the practices that lead to this fight or it’s a move that your competitor revealed to you, you can always learn something from the fights that you participate in if you choose to have the right mentality.

Jump Back Into It

While it may be tough to get back into practice after you’ve lost a fight, it’s essential that you don’t take too much time to get back into it. If you let your attitude take over and don’t jump back, you’re going to fall behind on the progress that you’ve made. Take the lessons that you’ve learned from the loss of the fight and put all of this new energy into your practice. When you take a humble approach and use it to fuel your fight, you continue to improve which will make your next fight even better!

Practicing your skills and developing new skills is what makes you a better fighter. Give yourself a couple of days to cope with the loss if you need it, but make sure that you sign up for the next class at Infinity Marshal Fitness so that you can keep improving.

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