If you and your family are looking for a martial arts studio to pick up a new hobby or discipline or to use as your new fitness studio, there are a few things you are undoubtedly considering. Questions you may ask are how much is it, what classes do they offer, and can my whole family go? When you are looking for a mechanic for your car, you aren’t going to settle for one who can rotate your tires but can’t change your oil or for one who can change your oil, but can’t check your breaks. So, why would you settle for a dojo that will teach your toddler the discipline of karate, but you’ve got to find another one for your kickboxing courses?

At Infinity Martial Arts in Upper Valley, we a full-service dojo, offering a wide range of services for every member of your family to meet your martial arts and fitness needs. Join us in today’s post as we review all of the things we can off you and your family in one place. It’ll make you think a little bit differently when you are searching for karate classes for your kids.

Kid’s Martial Arts

Karate and Jiu-Jitsu are common interests for both kids and their parents. Martial arts for kids offers early training and discipline that little other activities or hobbies can. Enrolling your kids in martial arts helps them learn confidence, respect, body awareness, and the value of hard work very early on. These are all skills that are useful in other aspects of life and will serve them well.

At Infinity Martial Arts, we offer kid’s martial arts courses for Lebanon and Hanover kids from toddlers to high school and beyond. Visit us online to check out our kid’s martial arts program offerings including after school programs, karate classes, anti-bullying training, birthday parties, and our popular summer camp. Enroll your kids to set them up for a life of success.


Whether you are interested in kickboxing for strength, fitness, confidence, or practical self-defense skills, your dojo should offer the kickboxing classes that make you sweat! At Infinity Martial Arts, our kickboxing classes are taught by martial arts instructors who will do much more than give you an aerobic workout. You’ll learn partial moves that are effective for self-defense as well as develop your strength and cardio endurance. You’ll see your self-confidence soar! Visit us online to learn more about our kickboxing course offerings and register for the course that fits your style.

Self Defense

For many, motivation for seeking out a martial arts studio is self-defense training. Women make up the bulk of our self-defense training courses, but we offer our courses to anyone interested. Our adult self-defense courses teach students not only how to fight off an attacker, but practical life skills to help prevent becoming a victim of violence. Our child self-defense courses focus on anti-bullying and building confidence and practical skills to deescalate situations. At Infinity Martial Arts, our goal is to empower people with the skills and confidence they need to walk confidently through their lives and respond to threats without cowering.


You and your family may seek out a martial arts studio near you for martial arts training for discipline and practical skills, or you may be seeking the benefits of functional fitness. It should come as no surprise that those who train in martial arts including Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing are strong and lean because martial arts training works every part of your body. Martial arts are great for gaining strength, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory endurance. At Infinity Martial Arts, we take fitness and your fitness goals seriously. Whether you are looking to drop weight or gain muscle mass, or simply look and feel better, we can help.


You can’t out-train a poor diet and food is fuel for your life. While many martial arts studios train physical discipline, Infinity Martial Arts is a holistic approach to training, fitness, and wellness. At Infinity Martial Arts, we will help you reach your nutrition goals for optimal performance. Whether you are looking to lose weight, bulk up, get healthier, or simply fuel your training for peak results, our nutrition experts can help.

At Infinity Martial Arts, we are so much more than a simple dojo. Our martial arts instructors are well trained and passionate about sharing the art of martial arts for all of its benefits and purposes for your entire family. Why go to a dojo that meets one of your needs when you can come to Infinity Martial Arts in Lebanon and have all of your martial arts, self-defense, fitness, and nutritional needs met for you and your kids? Visit us online to learn more about each of our programs and then stop by to begin your training!